Mayor’s Corner

Mayor’s Corner

Village of South Corning – Spring Newsletter 2016

7 Clark St., Corning, NY 14830

From The Mayor’s Desk   Mayor Jim Thomas (607) 936-3642

Greetings to all Village residents and service customers. We had a mild winter and are looking forward to an exceptionally good summer. Remember, we are here to serve you, so do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or issues.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to Former Mayor Jerry Morse for the leadership he provided during his six year tenure as mayor. During that time, Village services and improvements to our infrastructure have been greatly improved.

Best Regards,

Jim Thomas, Mayor

 Welcome to the Village of South Corning’s new website. Since I became involved with the Village in 2006, I always felt that there should be a news letter that would inform the residents what was going on throughout the Village. In the spring of 2011 we accomplished our first biannual newsletter informing our residents on the spring and summer events throughout the Village from each of our departments. We then did the fall and winter edition on what to expect through out those seasons. We received a large amount of positive feedback and have always been asked why we didn’t have it on line also.

Due to the cost involved in publishing and mailing the letters, this was a necessity to provide more current information much cheaper. We have finally generated our new website. This is just the beginning and will start out following our previous news letter format. This will also replace the previous paper copy, unless individuals request a paper copy of which could be picked up at the Village office. The website will also include all of the contact information with phone numbers and hours of operation. Each of our departments will have their own information columns.

As for the most current concerns of many, the condition of our roads. This will be explained in more detail from our Highway Supervisor in his section. The short version is that many streets have been replaced in the past few years. Like your driveways, they need sealing every so many years to preserve them from the harsh summer heat and winter freezing temperatures. With this said, we can not use the same materials that you would use on your driveway, or our streets would turn to a skating rink every time they got wet causing dangerous driving conditions. Yes, there are still a few streets that need patching and replacement. Due to the extreme costs of road replacement, we have been replacing the worst condition roads first. Not only are we replacing the roads, but are also starting with new drainage systems first to prevent the need for digging up the new streets. Please be patient with us as we keep moving forward. This is a costly process as you read and hear in the news every day from the surrounding municipalities.

We are doing our best to minimize tax and rate increases and still be able to maintain the infrastructure of the Village. In the past few years, you should have seen the major water project that we under took to upgrade the aging water system. We are currently venturing into a second well as our back up water supply. and the potential of having to replace our current water tank. We are also currently working on the priority list for our aging sewer system. The infrastructure of the Village is aging and we are doing our best to stay ahead of any major disruptions that could cost major unexpected finances. We are always looking for any available grant money as it comes available through the State or Federal programs. There is no harm in requesting funding that can be applied to areas in the Village that needs improvement. The grant systems is how we were able to accomplish funding for the Engineering studies on our water and sewer systems, well and water tank that are required before any work can be accomplished.

Like I said before, everyday in the news you can see the costs involved in emergencies and the everyday costs of maintaining the systems. We are doing our best to look out for our tax dollars and to get the best that we can without additional financial strain on the residents.
With the rising costs of maintaining the Village, it is unfortunate and inevitable that we do have to make increases periodically.

A section of our website will be for promoting all of the businesses we have throughout our Village, to include a few from the immediate surrounding area. We have and will be contacting the business owners and anyone with a home business that is interested in adding to our site.