Water & Sewer Department

Sewer and Water Department  

(607) 962-2783

Operating Hours – Monday through Friday, 6am – 2:30pm. Saturday and Sunday offer limited hours, by appointment.

Water Billing Schedule – Water bills are mailed quarterly on/near January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

Payments are due by the 20th of the month billed. A 20% penalty is added after the due date, on any unpaid balances. To request a copy of the complete Water/Sewer Billing and Termination of Services Policy, please contact the Clerks Office.

Water Rates for Customers within the Village                     

Sewer = $100.00/quarter or $33.33/month 

Water Project = $73.65/quarter (per EDU) or $24.55/month )

Water (Base Rate) = $51.00/quarter or $17.00/month                       

                          Fee for each additional 100 Cubic Feet, after first 500 = $1.50/per each 100 cubic feet. 

Water Rates for Customers outside the Village

Sewer = $100.00/quarter or $33.33/month

Water Project = $73.65/quarter (per unit) or $24.55/month (per unit)

Water (Base Rate) = $57.00/quarter or $19.00/month

                       Fee for each additional 100 Cubic Feet, after first 500 = $2.00/per each 100 cubic feet. 


To Customers, from the Desk of the Water/Sewer Department,

The water department would like to ask that if you hear a noise coming from your pipes like running water and you are not using water at the time, that you call the Village Hall, as this may be a leak outside your home. If you are moving out or moving away for the winter, please call to have the water shut off, as this is the homeowner’s responsibility and the owner may be billed if the meter freezes and breaks. Hydrant flushing is going to be done soon, so watch the newspaper for times and dates or call the Village to find out when it will be done. Everyone in the Village has a sewer tank and the Village pumps them periodically. This is scheduled by the sewer department. Your tank may have been pumped and you might not even have known it. If you notice a spot where it looks like someone has dug, it has been inspected and/or pumped. We do our best to restore it to original condition.

Thank You,