Highway Department

Department Of Public Works

Mike Yochum, Superintendent (607) 654-7590

Operating Hours March 15th through November 1st, 5:30am – 4:00pm, Monday through Thursday.               November 1st through March 14th, 7am – 3:30pm, Monday through Friday.

The DPW would like to thank all the Village residents for your continued support during the winter months. For those of you new to the Village, parking on all streets is now prohibited from Nov.1st-March 1st, and will be enforced by the Steuben County Sheriffs Department. Your help with this matter would be greatly appreciated so we can keep our streets clean and safe for the traveling public.  Thank You.

Brush Pick Up

As brush season is here, we try to pick up once a week throughout the spring and summer months, so you may put it to the curb. If we are in the middle of a project, we will get it as soon as we can. If you have a truck and would rather haul it yourself, you can stop by the Village Hall during business hours and we can unlock the dump site to let you in. This service is for Village residents, only. We do not allow contractors to dispose of brush, because they are paid to haul it away and the Village residents pay for this service. Unauthorized dumpers will be prosecuted.

When is Trash Pick Up?  Please call (607) 654-7590 with Questions regarding trash or brush pick-up. 

Trash pickup will be May 6 – May 8th, 2024. Everything needs to be out no later than 6am on the 9th, as we make one final round the morning of the 9th to finish up. Anything not out by our last trip will be left. This service is for Village residents (excludes commercial and vacant properties), only, and we will only take 1 load per house.

What is considered trash and are there any restrictions?

The definition of trash is anything stored in a basement, attic, and garage or shed.

Items We Can Pick Up

Items We Cannot Pick Up

Metal, but it must be separated from all other debris left out. Lumber and building materials, less than 4 feet long. Kitchen chairs, wooden furniture, toys, cabinets, and bicycles. Kitchen garbage, tires, LP tanks, toilets, electronics, couches, living room chairs, mattresses or box springs, paint, chemicals, lumber over 4 feet long. And, no appliances with Freon.

Trash brought in from outside the Village will not be collected. If you see someone unloading at someone’s house, please contact the Village office.

Is there a limit as to how much I can put out?    Yes, we now have a limit of no more than approximately a 4’x4’x4′ pile or stack of materials, from any one house property.